Physix NGO
Dr. Tamanna Khosla, New Delhi, India
Director Prajna Initiative
Jawaharlal Nehru University, Ph.D. Political Theory
Political philosophy, Feminism, Comparative politics, International
Relations, Science in humanities.

Researcher with WISCOMP and CSR.

Personal Law in India Reconciling Diversity with Gender Equality, 2018
Globalisation and Democratic Values, 2019
Feminist Political Philosophy, 2020

Physix Consulting
O’layimika Oyebanji, Lagos, Nigeria
Physix Pioneer
A Nigerian lawyer and tech entrepreneur, he has served as a recruiter, a tech writer and analyst for Physix. Currently, he is building a Physix derivative company, which will deal in customer relationship management software services.
He is also a partner at Joel & Ola, an AI OCR company dealing in a cloud storage and document management services.
He publishes a weekly Physix newsletter on Substack and manages The Philosophy of Truth one of the most popular philosophy communities on Facebook.

Jason Maron, NYC, USA
Physix Consultant
Caltech, Ph.D. Physics
Jason (Jay) Maron is an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History. His research focuses on computational modeling of astrophysical phenomena that are too complex for pen-and-paper theory. He specializes in Computational physics, magnetohydrodynamics, and neural algorithms.

Dr. Dan, Maine, USA