Physix is Open Source Human.
Philosophy is a subset.
These are the exceptional people who are building the future:

Joanna Picetti, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Trinity, the Nuclear TechnoQueen
The Planet Earth DAO
The TechnoQueen will Manage the IMP.
the 10% ethical license of Physix will Voluntary Redistribute wealth voluntarily in the most efficient ways that generate social harmony.
The Causality Engine

Dr. Tamanna Khosla, New Delhi, India
Director Prajna Initiative
JNU, Ph.D. Political Theory
Author, Political Philosophy, Feminism, Comparative politics, International Relations, Science in humanities.

Tamanna will be presenting QuantaVote to the UN, She requests an audience with the Governor of Maine to discuss the repercussions on Democracy.

Kiara Brisker, Kiki, Reno, Nevada
The coolest DJ on Planet Earth.

Physix Radio
Documenting our trip to the X-Prize.

Physix Consulting
O’layimika Oyebanji, Lagos, Nigeria
Physix Pioneer
A Nigerian lawyer and tech entrepreneur, he has served as a recruiter, a tech writer and analyst for Physix. Currently, he is building a derivative company in Lagos.
He publishes on Substack and manages The Philosophy of Truth one of the most popular philosophy communities on Facebook.

Jason “Dr. Nuke” Maron, NYC, USA
Physix Consultant
Caltech, Ph.D. Physics
Taught Quantum Mechanics at Caltech.
DARPA buys his algorithms.
Currently he teaches Astrophysics.

He specializes in Computational physics, magnetohydrodynamics, and neural algorithms.

Dr. Dan, Maine, USA
Self-Employed, System/Network Admin
“Dan Smith has been known by residents and business owners across Piscataquis County for over 15 years as “Dr. Dan”; the local tech guy that could fix just about any computer or software issue.