Dear Politicians of Maine,

I was born and raised in Dover-Foxcroft. I traveled a bit, then got married in California where my wife and I lived for about a decade before moving back to Maine to raise our kids in the place where life is the way it should be.

During that decade, I worked as a system/network administrator at a dotcom startup. I had about 300 computers in different cities and states so I used a monitoring system: a single screen with every computer represented by a color coded icon:

🟢 = Good, everything working

🟡 = Problem, Something potentially serious.

🔴 = Critical, Serious issue needing immediate attention.

24/7, every 5 minutes the computers were polled for problems with the CPU, network, hard drives, etc.

With a glance I knew if there was anything wrong on my network.

Here’s what a normal day looked like:

Sometimes there were minor issues that were not so urgent:

This is what a bad day looked like:

Everything crashing.

On those days, I fixed things as quickly as possible so I could take a nap.
Eventually the whole company crashed, but the monitor looked like this:

We were bought out, the new CEO liked me because I kept the lights green. He wanted me to stay.

My wife and I decided to do something different. We left the insane asylum of California to raise our kids here in Maine.


I started a company to make software for you personally.

It’s called QuantaVote. It’s how to see what your constituents think in a new way.

It couldn’t be easier. Pick a color on the spectrum according to how you feel about something: Red = worst, Green = neutral, Blue = Best.

It works in any language, on paper or any electronic device.

Just like I had a network monitor of computers, you’ll have a network monitor of people.

Government has failed, so when we first turn it on, it will look something like this:

I would have lost my job if that were normal.

This is your Goal:

Government : Go Green.

Here’s a sample of how it works:

The Future:

Physix is disruptive tech. Because of the simplicity for sentiment analysis, it will be ubiquitous. Google sorts data, this allows it to be sorted by quality and credibility. Elon Musk will be coding his robots with it. It’s the Holy Grail for AI.

Currently I’m developing with a company in England, next week they’ll be seeking venture capital. I’d like to bring the tech jobs to Maine.

The moment you make a Public Announcement, you will trigger Billions in investment to build the software, with your help, it could be in Maine.

Additionally, there are board games, dice, toys, etc. that will be manufactured from Maine wood and exported.

The sooner you bring this to the public’s attention, the sooner we turn Maine’s economy around.

Please contact me immediately for a personal review of the tech before we get to Silicon Valley.

Dr. Dan