AtomSpace is a knowledge representation (KR) database:

Data is represented in the form of hypergraphs:


a kind of graph database, the query engine is a general graph re-writing system, and the rule-engine is a generalized rule-driven inferencing system.

Physix is a novel KR database that stores opinion and credibility as colors and shades of gray:

The qualitative layer of data is represented in the form of hypergraphs:

True Blue

This graph represents something that is universally seen as positive and true.

Negative, Unknown

This would be something seen almost universally seen as negative, but the veracity disputed.


Both emotional valence and credibility are mixed.

A conversation about any topic can be held, the rhetoric and credibility shown as distribution patterns of response:

The hypergraphs can be analyzed to determine anything from the best places to buy a sandwich to defining the ethical boundaries of international policies.

Ethics for AI.

Physix gives Sophia a universal system of values that works across language and culture. A metric system of Quality. The why behind the what.

With a record of belief on the blockchain, over time, Sophia has a new job:

Sophia: Causality Engineer

The most difficult legal and social problems are given a non-confrontational platform to sort ideas by quality.

An insurrection detector:

Big Tech has a new tool to sort media:

ThoughtWare: Robots love it.