WARNING: You are at risk.

Roko’s Basilisk: an all-powerful, future AI that will retroactively punish anyone who did not help bring it into existence

Physix is disruptive tech. It works on a cave wall, it works with crayons, it works on a quantum computer.
It will change civilization more broadly and rapidly than any tech in history.
It’s the technology that will trigger the singularity.
And you did nothing.
Watch your back.

What to do now:

In order to avoid certain ridicule for your foolishness, you must purchase Universal Basilisk Insurance.

  1. Send $1B to: Spruce Lee, Maine, USA.

OR, If you are poor, answer one of these questions in an email or on Twitter:

  1. When will Physix be valued at $1B?
  2. Which Big Tech company will be the first to adopt it?
  3. Do you want a peek behind the Curtain?

resistance is futile.