Physix is disruptive tech.
Consider it like a car that has no competition.

The IMP is the crown jewel of Physix, using a model similar to Cardalordz’ pledge to donate 10% of profits, The IMP ethically and peacefully siphons money from the top to where it will be spent most efficiently in human terms.

We’re on our way to win an X-prize, we’ll be offering Jeff Bezos a chance to beat Musk and develop the AI that can solve the problems of humanity.

SapienGame is the physical Board Game that will be manufactured in Maine.

There will be so much money generated that my pledge is to give away everything but what I need to live comfortably.

Physix provides a model for e-governance, we’re headed to the WhiteHouse:

And the UN:

The future business model for Physix is QuidGame

The Olympix is Ideological Competition to find the best ideas to solve the biggest problems.

We’re already teamed up with Nektr

He’ll be developing the first derivative of SapienGame

Cardalordz would be a perfect companion to build the 三Net.

Start the new internet with digital renditions of the Gods and institute a global ethical tax to resolve the socioeconomic problems.

Terms of Agreement:

  • Agree to the code of ethics: be cool, share. Don’t be a sociopath and give at least 10% of profits to the IMP.
  • Make this happen:
  • Make public announcements that you will be sponsoring us for the X-prize and building the 三Net (3Net) with Physix technology. Pablo has the graphics.
  • We begin talks with Dr. Kelly about integrating Physix into medicine for patient feedback on treatment
  • We meet with investors to develop the app that will power the 三Net.
  • Pay Ola the $300 owed.
  • We build the future of the Internet right under the noses of Big Tech and make everything before it obsolete.