1. Funds?
Seed round investors own 10% of Physix, LLC, WY. The future social media platform.

2. What is Physix and who it will serve?
Physix provides a universal standard to measure the quality of experience. Useful for any kind of quality control of systems including people, manufacturing, medicine, etc.

3. What is the operating requirement, manpower, expertise, positioning and business acumen that is a projection of budgetary requirement and the potential scope of being in business.
Ultimately it will be useful in any organization, programming is needed to create the variety of apps. The most likely business model is to create and maintain customer relations and discover public sentiment. Political value is derived from the ability to discern a high resolution scale of opinion.

4. How can we move Physix in the interim stage and post incubation?
Intent right now is to introduce to AI community and Academia for review and vetting, investors should see the value.

5. What is needed to be an operating business?
Organization, investment. The programmers are available, presentations to academia begin August 27.

6. Estimate the amount of money needed?
$15K to program a model with geolocation, useful to generate heatmaps.
Backend servers and maintenance, ~$50K estimate, as it grows globally, will require substantial money for decentralization.

7. Type of staff and equipment that needs to sustain the business from an interim start to a revenue generating outfit.
Good hardware: laptops, internet connection are always useful.