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Leibnitz imagined a supraset of language called: Characteristica Universalis

“the real characteristic was for him an ideography, that is, a system of signs that directly represent things (or, rather, ideas) and not words, in such a way that each nation could read them and translate them into its own language.”

“among the types of signs musical notes and astronomical signs (the signs of the zodiac and those of the planets, including the sun and the moon). It should be noted that Leibniz sometimes employs planetary signs in place of letters in his algebraic calculations”

“these signs will be a kind of alphabet. It will be convenient for the signs to be as natural as possible—e.g., for one, a point; for numbers, points; for the relations of one entity with another, lines; for the variation of angles and of extremities in lines, kinds of relations. If these are correctly and ingeniously established, this universal writing will be as easy as it is common, and will be capable of being read without any dictionary; at the same time, a fundamental knowledge of all things will be obtained. The whole of such a writing will be made of geometrical figures, as it were, and of a kind of pictures — just as the ancient Egyptians did, and the Chinese do today.”

The Famous Chinese Leopard Hat Supermodel and robot enthusiast, Ben Goertzel, calls it Euryphysics

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Physix Standard Ideation

“what looks like metaphysics today, may in a few decades (or even less if we’re lucky!) look like guidance for experiential/empirical explorations”

 “second person science.”

It’s done, this is a a self-referential test.

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