Physix is something unique.

There’s lots of math and a language underneath, but the top layer could not be simpler.

A single rating system for everything:

Worst to Best, False to true.

It’s the missing link for AI to reason like a human.

The commercial value is essentially unlimited.

Right now I’m working With Olinga Taeed on an E-governance solution for Saudi Arabia’s new megacity project, NEOM. We’ll be developing an AI assisted government.
I have an LLC in Maine and Wyoming, I have a Token and stock available for anyone who partners. I’d like to have the University of Maine select interested students to help build the company, There couldn’t be a much better resume builder.


Olinga Taeed

Author of “the God Metric”, director of CCEG

Feb 28, 2022, Chaos Theory + Physix

Once this hits Google and Youtube, there will be way too many offers, but right now I’d like to make plans with Mainers, get some real economic growth, get some Silicon Valley money to the area, but use it to maintain the rural lifestyle we love.

Please contact me.