Physix was conceived by Dr. Dan, a native of Dover-Foxcroft.
It’s a response to the obvious problems online where we can talk, but can’t agree who’s right.

Instead of the standard 5 star ratings, thumbs up or emojis, Physix uses the spectrum to show how you feel about something. Hate it or love it, worst to best, every opinion fits.

The grayscale is the credibility factor. Is it True or False? Did it happen or not? How confident are you? Over time, the wisdom or foolishness of the crowd is recorded as snapshots of public opinion.

Shapes and colors keep track of feelings and what words mean as they are used.

It’s the key for Artificial Intelligence to interpret emotion and understand philosophical differences between people. It works in any language, it’s called:

There will be innumerable derivative applications and games.
Cordial World (England) will be using Physix as a sense making and ranking tool for a social media platform.
Onikom is a software company in Mexico, they’ll be building software for education for feedback between students/teachers and parents.

Physix will sponsor the Maine National Science Olympiad team in 2023.

Physix addresses the problems encountered by free speech and democracy in an interconnected world.

As Maine goes…


Resistance is Futile