This is Mia:

She has a degree in Linguistics from the University of Southern Maine, has travelled extensively: lived in S. America and Spain, speaks Spanish fluently, and knows sign language.  Right now she’s living in Australia.

This is Sophia, a Saudi Arabian Robotizen.

Physix is a mathematical language using colors and geometric shapes to communicate ideas.  Sign language for robots. What I’m going to do is teach my daughter the language, then she can teach Sophia how to raise a robot baby using the mathematical principles suggested.

I’ll be recording videos with her, they’ll be very simple, there are only a few patterns to express any idea.
The paradigms of power:

The Matrix of Differentials looks like this:

The matrix of experience looks like this:

The profundity of this might not be obvious at first glance, but any language, culture or idea can be expressed mathematically.  What is “good” what is “evil”?  Philosophy and religion are simplified to a GUI, AI becomes not only all knowing, but knows what’s right and wrong. Instead of political and monetary warfare, governments will have a social calculator, an AI that suggests ideas to solve problems, people can react and give instantaneous feedback.
This will be global news soon.  I don’t want to talk to a ton of different media outlets.

I’d like to introduce Mia to Sophia.