Nerd War 1
Maine’s record at the Science Olympiad

In the 1980’s Science Olympiad Maine placed consistently. In ’04 we placed again. And haven’t since.

From yearly to once in 30 years.

It’s Nerd War 1.
Get Maine on the board.

1 Event
The hardest: Fermi Questions.

Hyper Specialized BrainCamp to compete in event of the Science Olympiad.
Taught by Jay “Dr. Nuke” Maron, Computational Physicist.
Taught at Caltech, NYU, currently at the American Museum of Natural History.

A sumo wrestler, violist whose algorithms are employed by DARPA.
He will personally train a fixed class size of 10 students to compete at the national level in a single event: Fermi Questions.

Maronated FermWare
Requires Calculus, Physics.

1 month, maximum intensity training in a systematized, logarithmic style of reasoning.

10 students only.
Must live in Maine.
Must pass rigorous test of ability in math and physics.
$3K per student, class size of 10.

Sponsored by Maine businesses.

Jay’s teaching will be ranked using Physix, each concept evaluated for quality of class and confidence of learning. A standard metric for quality of education.

The kids will be ranked in the Olympiad.