Clockwork Green

Clock in.

Interview, paperwork, hired.
Incompetent superiors, fired.
Good Luck.

Quid Game

Drop out.

We discover the most challenging, entertaining, and profitable opportunities for your unique, neuroatypical mind.

Live comfortably, how you want, where you want, with whom you want. Alone in the woods, a white picket fence and a lawnmower, or the middle of Tokyo with all the tech amenities you and your family (human or other species) can morally justify. Your cost of living is zero.

Never worry about money again.
0 luck.



High Power, Neurodiverse brains: any problem solved, outrageously high prices.
By invitation.


1. What is Physix?
2. Install ThoughtWare
3. Contribute on GitHub.
4. Decrypt a Tweet.