The commercial and personal applications for Physix are universal:


Sentiment analysis with existing and future Brain/computer interfaces.


Highlights, controversial parts are flagged for unwanted or potentially dangerous content.


Instantaneous feedback on ideas.


Local preferences are shown visually. Heatmaps > Statistics.

The Prajna Initiative

The UN lacks an authoritative democratic system.
The Prajna Initiative presents the QuantaVote.


Every citizen is quality control.
Every smart city will have it.


X = Quality
Y = Probability

Init 5 Σmax
Y={1,0} X={+}

“These wealthy Middle Eastern countries are desperate to be seen as more than oil producers”, said Taeed. “They want to create a new paradigm for society so that people will look [up to] the Middle East.” They also want to reward their youth, “to put them on a different path,” he explained.

Mohammed bin Salman

The Saudi Crown Prince is looking for investors to build the smart city of the future.
The smartest cities will use Physix.

Sophia + NEOM

AI assisted smart city, real time quality control.
Saudi Arabian citizen Sophia becomes Mother of NEOM.

Physix will be offering an e-governance platform to Saudi Arabia’s Sophia, Musk will use it with NeuraLink and Teslabot.

AI is the most valuable technology in history.
Physix is The Holy Grail.
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Fresh Powder: develop before it hits Big Tech.