The Founding Mothers of Real AI.


Imagine if you woke up ambidextrous with double your IQ.
And you had 3 PhD’s including one in Particle Physics, then developed an Actual Intelligence from biological sources.
And could program an AI with a window to the unseen world.

You would be Cat in the Matrix.

Who does DNA?

Jennifer DouDNA
Nobel in 2020 for CRISPR.

Playing Goddess

Chinese Leopard Hat Robot Enthusiast

The Botfather.

These women (and Ben) share a most synergistic combination of abilities.

I think it will be nearly impossible to find anyone better to jumpstart the age of the Android.

Answers to questions are displayed as distribution patterns on the continua of color and grayscale called Q-slopes.

It’s called Physix, the infinitely variable metric system of thought.

0th Amendment
Political Temperature
Fact Checks for Babies

With a morality aligned with humans, AI will optimize every human endeavor as fast as we allow it.

The Evolution will be Televised.