1. What is Physix?

    Physix is ThoughtWare, an ideographical metalanguage. Instead of letters or numbers, Physix triangulates meaning and feeling with shapes and colors as shared axioms across language and cultural boundaries. The spectrum is used to represent subjective feeling, from worst to best. The grayscale to indicate truth or probability.
  2. Why is it innovative?
    There is global communication, but not a global language. Physix communicates the underlying meaning of words in any language and provides a universal value system that can be interpreted by both people and machines.
  3. How will this help me?
    Communication is crucial. Physix increases the speed and accuracy while simplifying language. From complaints about room temperature to serious concerns about abuse can be addressed in a simple, non-confrontational way. Potentially stressful negotiations with employees or associates about salary, schedule, responsibilities etc. can be simplified. Over time, the parameters of human and economic value are defined and tuned as technology and culture change.
    Collective wisdom is accrued and scales from the individual to global.
    Using Physix, the next generation of the Internet will have the quality of information as on chain metadata.

    It’s called the ╬×Net.

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